The Experience

a one of a kind learning experience


the heart of the Dream Awake Tarot™ experience is community. Everything is designed to enhance engagement & increase self-accountability.

Playbook, Deck & MP3's

Designed to increase your playtime, the 36-Days of Self Love Playbook invites you to master self reflection, get into your body, commit to your calling, and be the vibe you seek.

Wealth Circulation

How much of what you pay for actually pays you back? This simple question is why there is an affiliate program that rewards self-investors for sharing their experience.

Guided Video Lessons

Short and sweet insight on how to maximize your playtime each day; as well as, correctly and safely achieving each yoga posture.

Do Less. Be more.

Days for rest and reflection are built into the journey to decolonize the mind and shatter the illusion that you have to work hard to live your dream.

Forever Access

You will always have access to your self-love resources so whether it takes you 36 or 365 days to finish, the tools are always here.

 I have been birthing Dream Awake Tarot™ since March of 2017. It materialized as a remembering tool for me as I learned more and more about the transformative self study practice of reading tarot cards. I was releasing the shame and immense trauma of physical and emotional abuse which gave me severe anxiety and depression that would span days, weeks, even months. 

With the art that I have been led to curate, it has assisted me with slowing down, honoring my emotions, trusting myself, releasing scarcity consciousness, and finding my unique service–my finger print in the story of life. 

With this self study tool, I have had the momentous opportunity to take all of my varied interests and talents of special effects makeup artistry, photography, digital illustration, music, dance, yoga, and meditation and combine them all into a multi media self-transformation gumbo that serves more souls than just my own. 

Tune into the frequency...

What Alchemists Are Saying

real people. real talk.
Jacara J.

Jacara J.

Founder of Honor Thy Coochie

"You teach me it's ok to be in my sexuality and sensuality... It's not criminal to wear curve hugging attire, or twerk, or lead with my hips while walking. My expression of my creative life force energy unapologetically on purpose."

Hanson Deck

Hanson Deck

Humanitarian & Mother

"The self love journey book caused me to realize i was not filling my cup, just covering the bottom. The questions scrolling through my timeline often inspire me to pause and think."

Immortal Soul

Immortal Soul


Took your love to the heavens. Queen Alia Shanti Gumbo. This deck has so much mana and divine connection in it. Gratitude for you being a blissing.

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